24 Hours of Reading?!

I have a librarian confession: This past winter, I was experiencing a slump in my love of reading. With an autumn and winter of binging titles for reviews and book committees, I was starting to look at my TBR pile with dread (TBR = "to be read"). And more and more instead of picking up a book before bed, I was turning on Netflix and rewatching Parks and Recreation for the 700th time because I felt utterly brain-dead! I KNOW! A librarian choosing TV over reading. . . Has the world gone mad?! 

Best Books for Youth

Earlier this year, the Newbery and Caldecott award ceremony rounded out Book Award season by honoring the best books in children and teen literature. Here's what made the cut! Be sure to check them out! You can place a hold on the titles you want by clicking on the title, which will take you to our catalog.

Desperately Seeking [more] Star Wars

Star Wars frenzy started a long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away), but the ante has definitely been upped now that the release of The Force Awakens is mere days away.  Luckily there is no dirth of books and media for fans of all ages.  Here's a quick round up of reads to hold you over in the gaps between marathon viewings and opening nights, including some books outside the Lucasverse sure to satisfy. All are available either at the library or the GMILCS library network (though you may end up wanting to sneak copies under the tree for keeps).

Craft Supplies Needed

The Children's Room utilizes recyclables for many of its crafts.  While we can't take everything, we do collect the following materials on a regular basis:

1. 2-liter soda bottles (with and without caps)

2. Small and large round oatmeal containers (with lids) 

3. Plastic or foam egg cartons

Tutors and Homework Help

Tutors: Are you a tutor looking for a space to work with your students?  You're in luck:  On select weekdays, the Library invites tutors to use the Klumpp Meeting Room for Tutor Time.  Tutor Time generally runs from 3 PM - 5 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, provided we do not need the space for other library events.  We recommend tutors check our online calendar or call the library ahead to ensure the room is available.

Storytime Schedule

The library's weekly storytimes run in 10-12 week sessions, with breaks around the winter holidays, late spring, and late summer. Our current fall session will run now until Thanksgiving 2015. Below is a description of the different storytimes we offer for various age groups. No weekly storytimes require registration, just drop-in at your convenience!

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