Take Time to Read

The library has kicked off its “Take Time to Read” initiative. There is a strong correlation between knowledge and reading for all ages, not just kids. Reading does not require large blocks of time; you can read here and there and still get the benefits. We have many options for reading these days, books, magazines, newspapers, and our electronic devices make it easier than ever to take time to read.

Over the course of this initiative the library is granting you permission to take back some time from your hectic life and read for your own pleasure. We can help you find something appealing to read at the library as there is a variety of content and genres available. The library staff is available to help you select the type of book and format you need for your busy life.  I’ll be posting flyers around the library and town to remind everyone to take time to read.  One of the most exciting parts of this initiative is coming this winter.  The library is planning its first Winter Reading Program to encourage everyone to take time to read year round!

If you get stumped on what you want to read next I’ll be updating the blog and the Adult Services page on the library’s website with reading ideas.  Here’s something to get you started. 

-Read short stories.  We have books by single authors as well as collections of different genres.  One of the sets that I have always found enjoyable is The Year’s Best Science Fiction Collections.  If a story just isn’t working for you, skip it!


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