The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food by Joseph Tychonievich

Reviewed by Bre'Anna

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In The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food, we read about the tech-savvy Mia, who wants to grow her own vegetable garden but does not know how to start. Mia is able to befriend her retired neighbor George, who happens to be a skilled gardener. Throughout the book, Mia exchanges her knowledge in technology for George’s help with Mia’s gardening. This book is packed with excellent tips and tricks on how to garden: “finding the best location to plant, which vegetables are easiest to grow, how to pick out the healthiest plants at the store, how to test your soil, when (and when not) to water, how to protect your plants from pests,” and so much more.

I recommend this book to anyone who is a visual learner, beginning gardener, looking for something new, or has struggled to grow vegetables in the past. If any of these experiences describe your past attempts, you'll find this beautifully illustrated book a great reference. The story is also very touching. The bonds and friendship between Mia and George give this book a heartwarming feeling of community. I enjoyed reading about Mia and George's interactions and how they helped each other. The illustration and comic style of this book make it seem so easy to have a garden. Now comes the real challenge of applying the skills from this book to my own garden this spring season! 

Rating: 5/5 stars