Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4

Reviewed by Bre'Anna

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Horizon Zero Dawn has it all, from delivering a beautiful lush open-world game to putting the player right in the middle of intense battles with mechanical dinosaurs. Horizon Zero Dawn also has a story that is ambitious, engrossing, and well-written, making it one of the most anticipated games in the year 2017. This game allows players to discover how the fall of one civilization gave rise to spectacular autonomous mechanical beasts that thrive alongside mankind.

From its very first minute, Horizon pulls the player into its beautiful, mysterious world and refuses to ease that grip until the last second, and it does so in so many ways. It brings countless moving parts together expertly to form one grand narrative from well-written characters to captivating lore to excellent world-building and some fantastic pacing. Horizon Zero Dawn has all the things the game needs to tell an excellent story, and its story is so good you actually can’t put it out of your head even after you’re done with the game.

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Rating: 4.5/5 stars