Desperately Seeking [more] Star Wars

Star Wars frenzy started a long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away), but the ante has definitely been upped now that the release of The Force Awakens is mere days away.  Luckily there is no dirth of books and media for fans of all ages.  Here's a quick round up of reads to hold you over in the gaps between marathon viewings and opening nights, including some books outside the Lucasverse sure to satisfy. All are available either at the library or the GMILCS library network (though you may end up wanting to sneak copies under the tree for keeps). Just click a link to request a copy!

For all ages:

Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know.  This newbie is a necessity for every Star Wars fan's coffee table. Author Adam Bray fills this book with all sorts of unique trivia and factoids, in an engaging infographic design.  

Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy.  An artistic treat for Luke and Lego fans alike.  Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki combined his son's toys with his own genius inspiration to recreate scenes from the space opera, including humorous "what if" scenarios - sure to inspire budding photographers and Instagrammers with a wacky side.

For adults and older teens:

Star Wars, Aftermath. Chuck Wendig's addition to the series picks up after Return of the Jedi left off and is a great precurser for the new film. 

William Shakespeare's Star WarsDefinitely a niche book, author Ian Doescher takes on the monumental task of retelling "A New Hope" and the following two movies in the gorgeous verse of the Bard. He doesn't shy away from parody, managing to spoof both Shakespeare himself (Luke: "But O, what now? What light through yonder flashing sensor breaks?") and Star Wars fans alike (Han Solo: "I pray thee, sir, forgive me for the mess/And whether I shot first, I'll not confess.")

Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn novels:  A detailed and rich fantasy world? Check.  A twin discovering his inherited and unique powers? Check.  Lots of action and witty dialogue? Check!  Sanderson's epic series has been around awhile, so readers can go back to the beginning, or easily pick it up with one of his more recent additions like The Alloy of Law.  

For teens and lovers of YA books:

Legend by Marie Lu: If you've ever wished the Star Wars universe included a great star-crossed lovers story (and admittedly, this librarian's knowledge of the Star Wars EU is not wide enough to know if it already exists), pick up Legend.  Full of adventure and intrigue, this book follows June, a trained fighter for the tyrannical Republic, and Day, the Republic's most wanted outlaw, accused of the death of June's brother. This series echoes the space western feel of Star Wars and the entire trilogy is a thrilling read.

Star Wars. Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. Oops, see here I just found a great star-crossed lovers tale in the EU! A new YA book by the writer of the acclaimed A Thousand Pieces of You, this book follows Thane and Ciena, whose shared love of flying brings them together.  But then Thane becomes disillusioned by the Empire and joins the Rebellion. Can their bond hold up when they're fighting on different sides of an epic battle?

For kids and tweens:

The Weapon of the Jedi: a Luke Skywalker Adventure.  This new chapter-book series focuses each book on one of the main characters from the original trilogy (see the Han Solo + Chewie adventure and the Princess Leia adventure too). Each book is penned by different established and popular authors, so place your hold on these as you won't see them on the shelf for long. 

The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy: an Original Retelling of Star Wars, a New Hope.  How many times can we retell the same story over and over and still be satisfied? It turns out: lots! For the elementary student in your life who wants to relive Luke and Leia's adventure again and again, pick up this illustrated retelling of the story by Alexandra Bracken that focuses on its three main characters and really fleshes out the backstory.

The Phantom Bully (Jedi Academy series). The final installment of Jeffrey Brown's popular cartoon-meets-chapter-book series will be well-received by both Star Wars fans and "Wimpy Kid" readers. Cartoons, journal entries, and middle-grade humor fit well in the Star Wars EU.
Lastly, fans of all ages are invited to the Library's Star Wars Trivia Night, where you can test (or show off) the level of geekery you've devoted to the saga. We're hosting one session for families with kids ages 6+, and one for teens and adults ages 12+.  Find more info and sign-ups at our calendar.