Main Level

Zombie Nerf Wars!

Patient Zero is in Merrimack and is headed toward the library! Collect supplies and rations throughout the building to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse. But wait - is that a scratch? Did someone just moan? Be careful; if someone gets infected, it may just take a Nerf battle to save Merrimack from zombies!


Voter Registration Sessions

The Library will be hosting the Supervisors of the Checklist in the evenings on several dates in October during which voter registration applications may be completed. You must be 18 years of age by Election Day (November 6, 2018), a U.S. Citizen, and domiciled in the Town. In order to participate in local or state elections and meetings, you must be registered to vote. You must register to vote in person and may register to vote at the Town Clerk's Office or at teh polls on election (not meeting) day. Those wishing to register must present proof of age, I.D., domicile and citizenship.

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