How Money Works with Sonia Prince

Financial education is definitely lacking in our society. Unfortunately, some groups don't always look out for our best interests. Sonia Prince is excited to teach concepts that help keep more of people's hard working income and protect their families. She hopes they pass on their knowledge to future generations. Sadly, most Americans (60%) are living paycheck to paycheck and have less than $500 in savings; many are one medical or home/auto repair catastrophe away from losing everything. If we educate; we can bulletproof future families from the most common financial mistakes by teaching them the rules to How Money Works. 

Sonia Prince - Independent Representative, Primerica, Inc.
As a former teacher, Sonia applies her skills and experiences in the classroom to helping her clients achieve real world solutions to their financial challenges. When she’s not helping her clients, she volunteers for a broad range of Nashua area non-profits including Marguerite’s Place, Nashua High School North music program, and My Brother’s Keeper - just to name a few. Beyond her profession, she shares that nothing makes her happier than volunteering.

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Casey Bernard
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603-424-5021 x107
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Merrimack Public Library
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