Intro to Python Programming with the LoVerme Memorial Foundation

Learn how to use the Python Coding Language in this exciting class presented by the Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation!

This 10 week class is limited to 10 students, ages 13+. All sessions are required as the material builds on itself every week.

The basic concepts will include setting up the program environment, input/output, variables and data types, comparisons and conditional statements, loops, strings, reading and writing files, lists/arrays, top-down programming design, functions/subroutines, testing/debugging your programs and the Python standard library.

In the first session we will load the Python 3 programming language and the PyCharm Integrated Development Environment (IDE) onto our laptops.  These are open-source programs that are free of cost to all.  They are available for the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

A limited number of laptops are available for your use during the class sessions if you do not have your own to bring.  However you will not be able to take the laptops home with you.  Bringing your own laptop is strongly encouraged to allow you to practice programming at home in between class sessions.

There are no books required.  Many programming references can be found online.

Already know how to program? Why not volunteer to be a class assistant and help students with their lab work! If interested, please contact Cliff LoVerme at

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Emily Sennott, Head of Youth Services
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603-424-5021 x110
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Merrimack Public Library
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