Reference Services


Phone: 603-424-5021 ext 104 or 111

Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is the term used when a library borrows materials from or lends materials to another library. ILL requests are processed through the Reference Desk.

Borrowing Items:

  • On behalf of our patrons, the Merrimack Public Library will borrow items that are owned at other libraries.
  • ILL requests will be processed only for patrons who possess a library card in good standing.
      • Only 4 requests should be processed for one patron at a time, unless special circumstances exist.
      • All in-state ILL borrowing is free of charge.  Patrons requesting out of state ILL will be charged $3/item by the Merrimack Public Library to cover return shipping costs. Lending libraries from other states also often charge fees. Should this happen, the requesting patron is notified ahead of time and must authorize the Reference Department before the ILL process continues.
      • Patrons may submit requests to the ILL/Reference Department in person, by phone (603-424-5021), or email.

Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view & print your own ILL form.

Lending Items:

  • Merrimack Public Library will maintain a liberal lending policy.
  • Requests from other libraries will be accepted through NHU-PAC, and by phone or email.
  • In general, if the requested item is on our shelf, we will lend it. The Library staff will use discretion in lending newly released and popular items that are in high demand from our own patrons.
  • There are no restrictions on lending different formats.
  • The ILL loan period is 6 weeks for most items, with certain items being loaned for 4 weeks. Renewal may be possible for an additional 4 weeks, at the discretion of library staff.