Take Time to Read

The library has kicked off its “Take Time to Read” initiative. There is a strong correlation between knowledge and reading for all ages, not just kids. Reading does not require large blocks of time; you can read here and there and still get the benefits. We have many options for reading these days, books, magazines, newspapers, and our electronic devices make it easier than ever to take time to read.

24 Hours of Reading?!

I have a librarian confession: This past winter, I was experiencing a slump in my love of reading. With an autumn and winter of binging titles for reviews and book committees, I was starting to look at my TBR pile with dread (TBR = "to be read"). And more and more instead of picking up a book before bed, I was turning on Netflix and rewatching Parks and Recreation for the 700th time because I felt utterly brain-dead! I KNOW! A librarian choosing TV over reading. . . Has the world gone mad?! 

Best Books for Youth

Earlier this year, the Newbery and Caldecott award ceremony rounded out Book Award season by honoring the best books in children and teen literature. Here's what made the cut! Be sure to check them out! You can place a hold on the titles you want by clicking on the title, which will take you to our catalog.

Fandoms Unite!

When I was in fifth grade, our teacher assigned us the fantasy novel The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper and it became the book that defined my love of literature.  I didn’t know anyone else who thrilled to it like I did, so I contented myself to my own musings and solitary rereading.


"The [comic] book was better" - Comics from page to screen.

Once upon a time, comic books were affiliated with kids or geeky teens and adults. But with the rise in popularity of comic conventions, beloved TV geeks like The Big Bang Theory, and a major influx of superhero movies and television, it can’t be denied that comic books – or at least, the stories they tell – are now mainstream and majorly on trend.

Crafting Shadowboxes!

We had such a fantastic time last night crafting, listening to music, and creating these beautiful shadowboxes! Everyone had fun and left with a completed shadowbox to enjoy. We even overcame a slight hiccup  when a mistake was recognized in the template; a creative crafter came to the rescue and made little red hearts to cover the mistake on the top of the box and the evening was saved! 

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