Museum Passes

Many museums require online reservations in addition to the library passes. Please call the museum after reserving your pass to book your timed reservation.

Reserve a museum or park pass through our museum pass portal.

The library offers a number of museum passes for cardholders to borrow. Some passes allow for free admission, while other passes admit the cardholder with a reduced admission fee. Please note that there is typically only one pass available for each museum per day. Make your reservations in advance!

Looking to explore museums from the comfort of home? Visit our Cultural Activities webpage for virtual museum, zoo, and park tours, aquarium live streams, on-demand operas, and more!


Museum passes can be reserved up to 60 days ahead. You can reserve museum passes by phone or online or call 603-424-5021 (ext 101 or 102) or email for more information.

  • *Canceling a Reservation* - If you cannot use the pass you have reserved, please use the cancellation link provided in your booking confirmation email or call the library at 603-424-5021 (ext 101 or 102) to cancel your reservation.
  • Special exhibits may or may not be included in the free or discounted pass.
  • While we try to provide the most accurate and updated pricing information, the library is not responsible for changes to admission rates, pass discounts, or hours of operation. We urge our patrons to check individual museum websites to get hours, directions, and other information.

Checking Out & Returning Passes

Patrons must visit the library and present their valid library card or ID to check out a museum pass. Please contact the Circulation Desk to verify that laminated "card" passes have been returned before you come to pick up your pass.

"Paper" or "ticket" passes do not need to be returned to the library, but laminated "card" passes should be returned to the library by 9:00am on the day following its use.

Overdue Fines & Restrictions

Overdue fines for museum passes are $2.50 per day. The fine for lost museum passes is $10.00 per item.

Patrons are restricted to 1 active reservation for each museum, with a maximum of 2 per date. This means you may reserve passes for a maximum of 2 different museums for the same date.

Due to higher demand during school vacation weeks in December/January, February, and April/May, only 1 museum pass may be booked per week. Please note that passes are often booked in advance for these weeks. Make your plans (and reservations) early!