Family Game Night via ZOOM

Join us for a fun night of games for all ages via Zoom! Featuring games for all ages and abilities, and staff who are happy to teach you any games you don't know. Our available games include: Among Us, Jackbox Games, and Snakeoil. 

Games will require the use of a computer or smart device to play. Families can either share a single device and work as a team, or have each family member use their device.

Please be sure to register with a valid email address so we can send you the Zoom link!

Among Us Game Night

Red is sus.... 

Join us as we try to figure out who the imposter is and stay safe in Electric!

Ages 13-18

December 8th, 5:30-6:30 PM

We'll be on Zoom so you'll have to trick us beyond what the chat is offering. 

Registration is limited to 9 so we can all play in the same game room!

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