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Our Seismograph

Through generous funding from individuals, groups and businesses, the Merrimack Public Library became the first public library in New Hampshire to house a working seismograph and join an international network of seismic monitoring centers in June 2014. The EQ-1 seismograph is installed in the Lowell Room. Please contact Library Director Yvette Couser at to plan a class visit to learn more about the machine.

Our Donors

A seismograph in a library? Why?


Hosting a working siesmograph in our library is an exciting and unique way for the library to fulfill its mission to enhance life-long learning in our community. By partnering with the Boston College Educational Seismology Project (BC-ESP), we have geophysicists, seismologists, and geologists from the Boston College Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences training library staff, patrons, home-school groups, seniors, teachers, school classes - all citizens who wish to become "citizen scientists" - how to read and analyze data collected from seismic events (earthquakes) around the world.

On October 16, 2012,  a 4.6 quake that shook Hollis, Maine was felt throughout the region. It also happened to occur during a Merrimack Library Trustees' monthly Business meeting and recorded by Merrimack TV.