Estate Planning with Beasley & Ferber

The library welcomes the elder and disability law firm, Beasley & Ferber, for this estate planning presentation.

During this program, Attorney David H. Ferber and guest speaker Peter Willcox, will break down intimidating and complex end-of-life topics into manageable terms for our attendees. Attorney Ferber will share a range of important estate planning information including, how to protect against the potentially catastrophic effects of a nursing-home stay; bullet-proofing trusts from nursing-home costs; protecting inheritance funds from outside creditors; and many other important matters.

This program will take place in the comfort of our Lowell Room from 11:00am - 1:00pm.

For more than three decades, Beasley & Ferber has been helping clients protect their homes and hard-earned savings. With a combined almost 70 years of asset-protection and estate-planning experience, the firm continues to provide clients with the information and tools they need to prepare for the future. Along with regular free public seminars, Beasley & Ferber have published a series of topical books, the latest of which will be complementary to attendees.


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Merrimack Public Library
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