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Our June book is "Nudge: The Final Edition: Improving Decisions About Money, Health and the Environment" by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein. 

Originally published in 2008, this volume has been updated to include recent issues that we face in our daily lives - COVID-19, health, personal finance, retirement savings, credit card debt, home mortgages, medical care, organ donation, dlimate change, and "sludge" (paperwork or other nuisances we don't want, and that keep us from getting what we do want) - all while honoring one of the cardinal rules of nudging: make it fun!

Nudge Theory is a concept in behavioral economics, decision making, behavioral policy, social psychology, consumer behavior, and related behavioral science that proposes adaptive designs of the decision environment (choice architecture) as ways to influence the behavior and decision-making of groups or individuals. 

An example can be seen in product placement in stores. We are nudged to make purchases in supermarkets when certain products are placed alongside one another. For example, beside the chips, the store has conveniently placed an array of dips that would go perfectly with the chips. You're not told to buy dips, but you are nudged in that direction thanks to strategic placement.

Please pick up your copy at the Patron Services Desk.

The Work + Life Book Group will be on hiatus for the summer months of July and August. See you in September!

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