The Nation of Plants by Stefano Mancuso

Reviewed by Max

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The Nation of Plants is a collection of essays by one of the world's leading authorities on plant neurobiology. Originally published in Italian in 2019, the translation uses scientific theories, reliably accessible data, and the author's knowledge of climate science to demonstrate how the organization of plant society could be applied to human practices in a way that would make Earth a more hospitable home for all species.

Ultimately, this work serves as a call to action for the change of human organizational structures, most central of which being the collective mindset exhibited by our species that we are the "masters of the Earth," to quote Mancuso directly. Those who are already convinced of the need for climate reform will fall in love with this short text, but unfortunately the author's occasional use of high-level vocabulary and over-zealous tone hold this title back from being accessible to and enjoyable by all readers. That being said, the examples Mancuso provides are sensible enough to be readily applied to our current state of living, and he does an impressive job of outlining just how these examples would benefit our planet.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars