Armchair Travel Series: 14th Century England

Dressed in the garb of a fourteenth century barber surgeon, historical novelist Elaine Isaak leads a tour through medieval England, and tells the stories of some of the intriguing places and people you might have seen there. 

Step back in time from the Tower of London to the New Forest, from the bronze-age barrows to the crypt of St. Leonard's at Hythe, and more!  The slideshow and presentation will be based on research and travel Elaine did for her series of novels set in 14th century England.  This talk  will include a display of medieval style medical tools and other research materials, as well as some typical foods of the time.

Bio: Under the name  E. C. Ambrose, Elaine writes adventure-based historical fantasy, including the Dark Apostle series, about medieval surgery, from DAW Books, which concludes with volume 5, Elisha Daemon in 2018. She also wrote international thriller novel Bone Guard One: The Mongol's Coffin.  

In the process of researching her books, Elaine has learned how to hunt with a falcon, clear a building of possible assailants, pull traction on a broken limb, and fire an AR-15.  The author is a graduate of and now an instructor for the Odyssey Writing workshop.  In addition to writing, Elaine works as a guide, teaching rock climbing and leading outdoor adventure camps.  No matter what name she uses, you do NOT want to be her hero.

*** Please note any food allergies you might have when registering, so staff can be made aware and do their best to accommodate those concerns.  Not all allergens may be known, so please use your discretion. ***

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